Oriental Mental

Threatening footsteps fall
Break the silence
Toxic fragrance, slightly sweet,
(with a) notion of decay
Treacherous, ghostly dark,
an adumbration
Hush my heart, here she comes
The deadliest of all

Aah, - she seeks
she sees - she finds
And nooo - She knows
Oooh, nonono - She grabs me

Let me go, let me go, let me
get away

Effortlessly sqashing me
Drags me under
Acid gore, torrid breath,
It burns into my skin
Cloudy eyes, hypnotized,
drain my senses
Gather strength, holding on,
not yielding to the force

She loves - Her frenzied games
Her lies - She loves
She loves - She huhu,
loves the might

Let me go, let me go, let me
get away
I'll fly!

But when she's dancing,
she moves like a queen
And those who see
Will never sleep

Let me go, let me go, let me
get away
This time


I watched people die
Faint and fade away
I've brought them back to life
With my own hands

I've seen blood run out of bodies
And re-infused it into their veins
I have pricked firm skin and
Cut away shriveled limps

I carved holes into flesh and
sutured them up
I have sunk my arms deep into red
swollen guts
And in various places I washed out
Puddles of putrid infectious secretion

Why do you close your eyes?
This is the purest beauty
You will ever see

Why do you close your eyes?
(and turn away)
This is the purest beauty
You will ever see

I held extremities down with
all my force
Thrashing in agony
I relieved their pain by injection
Sidestepping death or delaying
the end

I watched an old man bleed
to his death
The pulse on the monitor
quietly fading
I witnessed the birth of
a stillborn baby
Small, blue and silent

Let me go, let me go, let me
get away
I'll fly!

Blood is of the most
Beautiful crimson
That you will find
In this strange world

I see things in my life
Impossible to grasp,
But this is life
Inscrutable sometimes

Don't you close your eyes!
This is the pure beauty of life

Drums recorded at spacelab studio by Christian ''Moschus'' Moos

Acoustic guitars and vocals on track 11 recorded at Studio 102 by Felix Kramer

Everything else recorded at the Preincarnation studios Mixed at Spacelab Studio by Christian ''Moschus'' Moos

Artwork by Patrizia Dietrich, www.patschwork.org Preincarnation logo by Ann-Kathrin Bunse Photos by Hanno Niesler

Preincarnation would like to thank our families and friends and everyone who inspired, helped and supported us on the road to Incarnation I!

Special thanks to:
Christian ''Moschus'' Moos, Patrizia Dietrich, Hanno Niesler, Felix Kramer, Thomas Schnetzer, Tamas Angyan, Kosta Daniilidis, Ralf Tewes, Lars Dietrich, the Klingon Empire (batlh 'ej ben law' batlhmey tlhIngan wo'!)