Preincarnations birth was around 2012.
Finding the perfect musicians when you don't have a big name or big budget is a task that can take years ... and it did take years indeed!
But Preincarnation is finally here to combine elements of the prog and art rock of the 1970s and the prog metal of the 1980s/90s and beyond and put them together with a focus on great songs.
The band is currently working on their debut album which is about to be released in 2016.



Tina Brenzel


Tina rocks with unparalled creativity. She is a classicaly trained piano player and also pretty good on the acoustic guitar.
Tina writes all vocal lines and lyrics.

Michael Powalski


Michael was the last to join the band. Being a technically great and versatile guitar player, he soon became an important songwriter in Preincarnation.

Martin Chwalczyk


Martin on bass guitar - a great collaborator in songwriting with a great ear for music. Martin is also an excellent acoustic guitar player and a living jukebox.

Henrik Niesler


... just banging on skins...

Björn Zimmermann


Björn started playing organ but soon expanded his interest to piano, keyboards and synths. Before he joined Preincarnation he played and composed all kinds of music including soundtracks for RPG Mods. He made his way into the band starting with an online collaboration on a song idea.